Staff Information

Head Teacher – Mrs W Gibson
Depute Head Teacher – Mrs S Davidson
Depute Head Teacher – Mrs F Dunbar

Early Learning and Childcare Setting

Early Years Senior Practitioner      Mrs F Hepburn
Early Years Lead Practitioners       Mrs J Thomas, Miss N Smith
Early Years Practitioners                 Miss H McSeveney, Miss M Melville, Mrs C Wilson, Miss K Davies, Miss A Bruce, Mrs L Morrison, Miss J Armstrong
Early Years Support Worker           Mrs M Dickson, Mrs L Beddie

P1 – Mrs L Badan
P1C – Miss R Cameron
P1S – Miss B Strachan
P2B – Miss C Burns
P2N – Miss L Neri
P3 – Mrs A Johnston/Mrs J Ritchie
P3/4 – Mr A Taylor
P4 – Miss M Escobar
P5 – Mr M Wright
P5/6 – Miss V Stephen
P6 – Mrs L Telford
P7 – Mr G Harris
Nurture Teacher – Mrs A Fitz
Support for Learning – Mrs J Owen, Mrs K Matthew, Mrs L Matthew

PSA’s –
Mrs L Bruce
Mrs A Buchan
Mrs M Wilson
Mrs J Buchan
Mrs B Buchanan
Mrs S Davidson
Mrs A Duncan
Mrs J Greig
Mrs L Hay
Mrs S Steele
Mrs A McLeod
Mrs S Middleton
Miss M Morrison
Mrs H Thornton
Mrs M Wilson

Enhanced Provision

Principle Teacher: Mrs M Buchan
Intervention and Prevention Teacher for EP: Mr D Ward
EP Teacher: Miss R Clunie, Mrs H Donaldson
Intervention and Prevention Teacher: Mr C Howie
Pupil Support Worker: Miss V Stephen, Mrs B Buchanan

Administrator – Mrs T Fraser
Admin Support Assistant – Mrs C Lynch

Cook – Ms K Mitchell
Janitor – Mr P McKenzie