School Meals

Please click on this link for Aberdeenshire Council’s site regarding Primary school meals – Aberdeenshire Council

Parents should be aware that they can request a special diet for their children if there are medical or religious reasons for doing so. Children who require medically prescribed or modified diets, with parental/guardian assistance, should be identified during the admission process. Arrangements to accommodate these diets by parent/guardian completing Admission Form D available from the school administration office.

The school aims to encourage young people to enjoy food which is both attractive to them and nutritionally sound whether this is a school meal, a packed lunch or a snack. We would appreciate your support in achieving this aim.

Before lunch, the children wash their hands and proceed to the dining hall in a quiet and orderly fashion.  Children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch, but not forced. If we feel that a child is not eating enough at lunchtimes we will contact you. Where children bring a packed lunch to school, parents are responsible for ensuring that lunch box contents are stored at the correct temperature, by including an ice pack where necessary.

“Play piece”

Children should be sent with a snack for their “play piece”. Fizzy drinks are not permitted in school. As a health promoting school, we encourage healthy options. Children should not share their play piece with others in the playground as they may inadvertently cause another child to have an allergic reaction. (E.g. nut allergy – resulting in anaphylaxis.) On that note, Dales Park have a strictly NO NUTS policy due to severe allergies within our role. Please be mindful of this when preparing your child’s food to take into school.


We request that cakes/treats etc for birthdays are not sent to school for sharing as this can cause difficulties where there are children in class with food allergies/intolerances or other dietary circumstances.